What we are doing

Alay sa may mga Kapansanan Association, Inc, is keeping up and continues to strive to achieve its goal to provide our disabled brethren a more productive and meaningful life by giving them all the necessary help.

Gift Giving

Gift Giving is done by Alay sa may mga Kapansanan Association Inc to the most depressed area of the Philippines. Our target recepients are those who cannot help themselves, such as the elderly and the children. We give out crutches, wheelchairs, hearing aids and many more to assist our disabled brethren and to aid them with their physical disabilities. Through this, we can be able to help them fulfill their basic needs as human beings, just like us.

Livelihood Programs

We just don’t give fish, we also give them the fishing rod and teach them how to use it. Through Alay sa may mga Kapansanan’s Livelihood Training and Programs, we can able to regain the confidence of our disabled brethren. This way, they will not feel insecurities, we can make them a radical part of our society as productive citizens. Training and Programs such as Soap Making, Slipper Making, Basket Weaving and Food Preparations are just some of the efforts that AKAI is making to transform lives.

Awareness and Advocacy Celebrations

To raise awareness and recognition of our disabled brethren, Alay sa may mga Kapansanan Association, Inc is joining hands with other associations and Local Government Units in celebrating awareness and advocacy weeks. This is to further give information and understanding in regards of what the disabled is experiencing, also to reduce discrimination and build camaraderie among the abled and disabled.